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Rancho Santa Fe Professional Firefighters
IAFF Local 4349
September 23, 2023
A Tale of Two Brush Rigs
Updated On: Feb 11, 2022

While driving by the Cielo fire station in Rancho Santa Fe, one might wonder if the station’s newest Brush Engine is having an identity crisis.  Actually, the Ranch has had two recent acquisitions of brush engines.  While both of them have very similar functions, one was purchased by RSF Fire (the red one) and the other by the State of California (the lime-green one).  Through California’s Office of Emergency Services, structure and brush engines are purchased and loaned out to agencies up and down the state to be used for free.  The only hitch is that when the CalOES calls for it to respond to a State Emergency, we have to staff it with 4 firefighter’s and send it to the incident.  They are typically dispatched to large scale wildfires that ravage our state every June – October, but can also be pushed into service following an earthquake, flood, or any other disaster.  As of this date, the State’s OES Engine 6903 has been fighting its very first battle with a wildfire in Northern California and Oregon. 

IAFF Local 4349
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