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Rancho Santa Fe Professional Firefighters
IAFF Local 4349
September 23, 2023
Many Hats
Updated On: Oct 283, 2022

It is often said that firefighters are a “Jack of all trades.”  The truth of that is both evident on scene of an emergency as it is around the firehouse.  Each person we hire bring a certain unique skill to add to the district’s diverse abilities.  When responding to an emergency, the first person on scene has a myriad of responsibilities as outlined in command and structure requirements.  That person assumes the role of a Incident Commander, Safety Officer, Rescue Supervisor, and Company Officer.  We in the business call these “hats.”  While we wear a lot of hats at work, we also wear a lot of hats at home.  The typical firefighter also fills the roll at home of the gardener, pool boy, plumber, electrician, landscaper, and builder to name a few.  Those skills, usually obtained by self-taught tenacity, play a huge roll in keeping our fire stations and equipment in top notch.  The tax payer receives full benefit from idle firefighters when they take on station projects.  Here, members of the Local 4349 work on restoration of the weathered and dated outdoor grilling area at Rancho Santa Fe Station #4.  Engineer Sean Canfield and Firefighter Richard LaFleur put their skills to work fixing what often would require additional costs of specified labor, ultimately saving the District, and the tax payer, funds which speaks of the District’s financial accountability.  Bravo 4349!

IAFF Local 4349
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